Christmas Collars
Christmas Collars
Christmas Collars
Christmas Collars
Christmas Collars
Christmas Collars
Christmas Collars

Christmas Collars

The Rugged Series was designed for those days when your dog just wants to be a dog.
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PLEASE NOTE in the "notes" section at checkout if you would like the Gingerbread Men or the Santa & Friends collar

-Made from strong, durable polyester webbing

-UV, Mildew & Water Resistant

-Easy to clean when it gets dirty

-Unique designs are printed right onto the webbing through a sublimation process, so colors will stay bright & vibrant  

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Stainless Steel: Known for its strength, durability, & low maintenance attributes. Perfect for all those salty beach adventures (Please note that Stainless Steel D-rings are thicker than standard D-rings).

Black Metal: made from heavy duty solid brass & zinc alloy hardware. This makes it rust & corrosion resistant. Our black hardware is PVD treated. PVD="Physical Vapor Deposition”. It produces an extremely durable finish to prevent scratching. Often, black hardware that is found on the market is not PVD, and is basically, considered powder-coated causing it to chip and scratch off within days. PVD plating is the process used to plate high end hardware and the only successful way to make a black that will not wear off. 

Nickel: Traditional hardware that is seen on most pet gear. It heavy duty, durable, & perfect for any dog type; however, it is not recommended for those intense salty beach adventures.

-Active/Debris YKK Sharpn' Loc Plastic Buckle (A/D): These durable plastic buckles are streamlined shaped to avoid jamming & clogging from debris.

-Regular Plastic Buckle: These heavy duty & durable plastic buckles are beefier than the YKK Sharpn’ Loc & are not streamlined shaped.

-Aluminum Silver Buckle: Heavier than our plastic buckles. A great option if your dog is a strong puller.

-Martingales (no buckle): Martingale collars are a great training tool for pups that tend to pull on leash, or for pups that are known to slip out of their collars. Martingales DO NOT come with a buckle. If you would like to add a buckle to your martingale please click on the "Add a Buckle to your Martingale" link below.

Click here to add a buckle to your martingale collar.

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