Fall Harvest

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The Rugged Series was designed for those days when your dog just wants to be a dog.

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-Made from strong, durable polyester webbing

-UV, Mildew & Water Resistant

-Easy to clean when it gets dirty

-Unique designs are printed right onto the webbing through a sublimation process, so colors will stay bright & vibrant  

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Stainless Steel: Known for its strength, durability, & low maintenance attributes. Perfect for all those salty beach adventures (Please note that Stainless Steel D-rings are thicker than standard D-rings).

Black Metal: made from heavy duty solid brass & zinc alloy hardware. This makes it rust & corrosion resistant. As all black metal hardware will wear overtime, our black metal is PVD treated which produces a durable finish to help prevent scratching.

Nickel: Traditional hardware that is seen on most pet gear. It heavy duty, durable, & perfect for any dog type; however, it is not recommended for those salty beach adventures.

-Active/Debris YKK Sharpn' Loc Plastic Buckle (A/D): These durable plastic buckles are streamlined shaped to avoid jamming & clogging from debris.

-Regular Plastic Buckle: These heavy duty & durable plastic buckles are beefier than the YKK Sharpn’ Loc & are not streamlined shaped.

-Aluminum Silver Buckle: Heavier than our plastic buckles. A great option if your dog is a strong puller.

-Martingales (no buckle): Martingale collars are a great training tool for pups that tend to pull on leash, or for pups that are known to slip out of their collars. Martingales DO NOT come with a buckle. If you would like to add a buckle to your martingale please click on the "Add a Buckle to your Martingale" link below.

Click here to add a buckle to your martingale collar.

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