Fi Compatible 3/4" or 1" BioThane Collar

SeaFlower Co is now an official partner for Fi compatible dog collars! Our collars have been Fi tested and approved for your next adventure! Enjoy our exclusive BioThane collars while also enjoying the safety of your Fi GPS device.

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Please add the primary & secondary (Fi end link connector) BioThane Colors in the "notes" section when you checkout.

Fi tracker is sold separately. If you don't have a Fi tracker, you can purchase one HERE.

Haven't tried Fi yet? Fi collars are the smartest dog collars ever built. This collar has a GPS tracking system, escape detection, LED lighting for night visibility, uses LTE-M network, and is the longest lasting tracking device on the market. 

Includes two Fi end links so you can easily attach your tracker to the collar. End links will be silver, no matter which hardware you choose for your collar.

Please note: The Fi end links are 1" width, so If you purchase the 3/4" BioThane width the Fi end links connector will be made with the 1" BioThane to fit the Fi end links.

-Made with heavy duty BioThane in either 3/4" or 1" width
-100% Waterproof
-Stink proof/Mildew proof/Dirt proof
-Adventure proof/Weather proof
-Classy look & available in a variety of colors
-BioThane is flexible, similar to the feel of broken in leather (even in freezing temperatures)
-Low maintenance, easy to clean
-Very Durable, will last longer than leather & nylon
-Reinforced with heavy duty screws at all stress points to ensure for the strongest hold. We believe screws are the most durable as the threads are tightened & reinforced to ensure your collar will never come apart

Click here for Two-Toned BioThane Leash

Click here for BioThane Leash

*Brass is extremely strong & durable. However, keep in mind brass has a natural patina/tarnish when it's exposed to certain elements, which is completely unavoidable. This is not rust as brass will never rust, but if your dog has a lighter/white coat, the tarnish that forms on the brass could discolor your pup's neck fur. No worries as this can be easily washed out with shampoo. You can also clean and shine your brass hardware using a jewelry cleaning cloth. Brass can also discolor some lighter BioThane colors, but can easily be removed with soap and water or even a little lemon juice for stubborn spots.

BioThane Size Guide
How to measure you dog's old collar

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