Fi Compatible Collar ADD-ON ONLY For Rugged Series (3/4", 1", or 1.5" Widths)

SeaFlower Co is now an official partner for Fi compatible dog collars! Our collars have been Fi tested and approved for your next adventure! Enjoy our exclusive dog collar patterns while also enjoying the safety of your Fi GPS device.

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Fi tracker is sold separately. If you don’t already have your own, purchase your tracker HERE.

Haven't tried Fi yet? Fi collars are the smartest dog collars ever built. This collar has a GPS tracking system, escape detection, LED lighting for night visibility, uses LTE-M network, and is the longest lasting tracking device on the market. 

-Includes two Fi end links so you can easily attach your tracker to the collar. End links will be silver, no matter which hardware you choose for your collar.

-This is a only an ADD ON UPGRADE for our Fi compatible collars in our Rugged Series collection in only the 3/4", 1" or 1/5" collar widths. This listing is just for the end links to make our collars compatible with the Fi tracker, this is not for the actual collar or Fi tracker.

-For the 1" & 1.5" collar widths the end links are sewn on top of the collar to give your Fi device extra protection, & allows the collar to still be functional without the Fi tracker attached. If you purchase our 3/4" width collars, it will be the inline Fi compatible style. The 3/4" width option use a 1" piece of bioThane to connect to the Fi end links so the Fi can be safely attached to the collar at the width it's designed to attach to.

-Due to length of the Fi Smart GPS Tracker, the collar will adjust about 2" less than our standard sizing. Therefore, this collar will be custom sized to fit your dog depending on the neck size you select from the dropdown menu. 

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