Series 1, 2 or 3 Fi Compatible 3/4" or 1" Width Martingale BioThane Collars (Over The Band)

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Due to this collar being custom made to your measurements & color preferences we cannot accept returns or exchanges. Please double check your measurements & feel free to email me with any questions prior to ordering at
Fi tracker is sold separately. If you don’t already have your own, purchase your tracker here.

These Fi Compatible BioThane martingale collars are made "over the band" style, to give your Fi device extra protection, & allows the collar to still be functional without the Fi tracker attached. 

  • Made with heavy duty BioThane in 3/4" or 1" width
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Stink proof/Mildew proof/Dirt proof
  • Vegan
  • Classy look & available in a variety of colors
  • BioThane is flexible, similar to the feel of broken in leather (even in freezing temperatures)
  • Low maintenance, easy to clean
  • Very Durable, will last longer than leather & nylon
  • Reinforced with heavy duty screws at all stress points to ensure for the strongest hold. We believe screws are the most durable as the threads are tightened & reinforced to ensure your collar will never come apart.

*Brass is extremely strong & durable. However, keep in mind brass has a natural patina/tarnish when it's exposed to certain elements, which is completely unavoidable. This is not rust as brass will never rust, but if your dog has a lighter/white coat, the tarnish that forms on the brass could discolor your pup's neck fur. No worries as this can be easily washed out with shampoo. You can also clean and shine your brass hardware using a jewelry cleaning cloth.

It is very important to carefully measure your pup to get accurate measurements as these collars are NOT adjustable. The best to way to measure for these style collars is with a soft measuring tape or string. The tape should be snug (don't include finger spacing when measuring). If your dog has very thick fur be sure to get the tape closer to the skin.

Measure the following 3 areas:
- the widest part of your pup's head (A)
- the neck just behind the ears (B)
- the neck where the collar naturally sits (C)

As this type of collar slides over your pup's head & is non-adjustable, if either measurement (A or B) is larger than measurement (C) we will make the collar slightly larger to ensure it will slide off & on comfortably. Please add your pup's EXACT measurements & we will size it accordingly.

If you are unsure about the proper size you should order, please feel free to email me at

BioThane Martingale Size Guide
BioThane Color Chart

Safety & durability is our top priority at SeaFlower Co. We use high quality materials and durable, thoroughly tested hardware for all of our products. Our products are made with ruff play in mind, but no pet gear is indestructible. Please inspect your equipment regularly for any signs of wear and tear & replace when necessary. It is the buyer’s responsibility to determine what gear is appropriate for their dog’s size, strength, and activity level. SeaFlower Co is not liable for any injuries or damage that may occur as a result of use.

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